Security Consulting

We count with the collaboration of Professional Experts

With extensive experience in Security, Research and Counter-Terrorism Areas within State Institutions.

Risks identification

At this stage, our experts go to the areas under study to carry out an on-site assessment of the existing situation. Based on specific parameters, they elaborate a global audit that will later allow the detection of those potential risky situations. This work of identifying risks requires a high level of specialization and effectiveness.

Risks Evaluation

Our experts analyze all the parameters contained in the audits carried out in the risks identification stage. They apply the appropriate intelligence methodology and compare the data with diverse sources, making rigorous reports that allow the evaluation of the detected risks as well as their possible impact on the personal or corporate activities of our clients.

Risks Prevention

Preparation of reports analyzing the socio-political, economic and security situation of an area, country or region. It will include the actual and potential risks detected, which will allow the adoption of preventive protocols focused on helping our clients make the right decisions, as well as studies on the potential impact of such projection.

Personal Security

Development of personal security protocols. These protocols are based on the experience of our experts in intelligence, operational techniques and anti-terrorism fight. They adopt customized solutions to each case. They make a thorough analysis of the tactics and procedures used by different dangerous groups.

Corporate Security

Risk identification studies in a specific zone, region or country. Once the studies have been analyzed by our experts, and they have made specific reports, they set the guidelines for the implementation of static and dynamic workplace safety protocols and procedures, in line with the current situation.

International Organizations

Our experts and helper have their own experience in reporting. These reports are created to begin development or security projects in different places, especially in areas of the Maghreb and Sahel. They are experts in administrative management and operational execution in projects financed with funds from international organizations like European Union.


Based on the intelligence obtained from previous reports, we proceed to the preparation of studies that allow us to have a specific vision in the short and medium term of the possible and probable evolution of an area or region. This will enable the identification of potential future risks and the preparation of an adequate response that reduces the direct impact, mitigating the negative consequences.

Evolution Studies

Drafting of rigorous reports containing comparative sequences of the possible evolution of an activity, a fact or a hypothetical event that has an impact on the personal or corporate security of our clients. This study will be updated periodically based on the monitoring of the causative or determinant variants of said eventuality.

Business Intelligence

We elaborate on SAFETY and INTELLIGENCE in real scenarios, analyzing all sources of information and as an important factor, through direct contact with those in charge of national and international Organizations and Institutions and their environment. Our methodology adapts the phase of direction of the cycle of Security and Intelligence to the corporate world, proposing the appropriate recommendations to the decision making.

CEO MITRA International Security Consulting

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Regional Coordinator in Mali - Mauritania - Niger - Burkina Faso and Chad in the Coll├Ęge Sahélien de Sécurité (UE).